May 24 2020

🔥 COVID19 vs Human Rights and Zcash 🔐

The coronavirus pandemic plunged the whole world into a seemingly endless crisis. Therefore, the spread of SARS has become much more than just a health problem. 🔥

In April of this year, Edward Snowden (a former agent of the CIA and the US National Security Agency) announced that, according to his information, governments around the world will try to use the crisis arising from the coronavirus to build a “tyranny model”. And these fears are not limited to authoritarian states. First of all, it is about creating a global digital identification system. 🔥

Tyler Winklevoss, CEO of the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange, described the situation like this:

"I fear that this pandemic, like many other crises, will be used by governments around the world to justify their excessive policies and violations of human rights and civil liberties. The crypto industry can provide a counterbalance to this. Zcash, a privacy- oriented version of bitcoins, can help users resist draconian control of capital by authoritarian states." 🔑

In addition to Zcash, there are other coins, for example, Monero, in which the wallet addresses and the transactions themselves are hidden through the use of ring digital signatures, which allows you to hide the traces of the sender, recipient and the amount paid.🔐

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Posted 24.05.2020 by admin in category "Crypto World News", "Cryptocurrencies Trading