January 6 2018

Free Bitcoins for Noobs – How to make money investing a Zero?

If you have no money or you not taking crypto market serious enough to invest your money then you can make some cryptocurencies absolutely for FREE without investing a penny.

First what you have to do is to have your own virtual web wallet on the very well known crypto wallet service Eobot to store your Cryptocurrencies such as: DogeCoin, ByteCoin, Ripple, Golem, CureCoin, Nem (XEM), Steem, MadeSafecoin, ect., as well as more expensive coins such as LiteCoin, Etherium, Bitcoin Cash and even Bitcoin itself.

Personally, I would recommend you to mine DogeCoin or the Bytecoin as this coins are the cheapest one due to the huge coin circulating supply. This coins are mined more faster.

Before start mining you should buy some Has Powers in the Eobot  service, but again if you don’t want to fund you should earn you first crypto by going into the “Product” Tab and hitting the link “faucet“. After completing the simple fast task you would see the crypto that you have chosen before directly on your account.

You can use more faucets to fund your Eobot account in order to buy some more hash powers.

Free Bitcoins – https://goo.gl/XX8swA

Free Dogecoins – https://goo.gl/7Jy9bL

Bonus Bitcoin – https://goo.gl/T8xekS

Automatic Faucet – https://goo.gl/m4qWNV

At MinerGate service you can mine Bytecoin directly on your computer as Bytecoin is minable  at the processors (GPU and CPU) only in order to be better distributed and decentralized.

Of cause in the outcome at the first month the profit will be not more then a 50 backs, but imagine what that this 50 dollars will became in 5 years if we know that the average cryptocurrency market growth is 10x per year.

Did you calculated already? 5 million Dollars? 😯

I guess you will appreciate that post even it will be only 50k in the outcome. And maybe you would do some little donation as a gratuity 😉

My Bitcoin Wallet:

My Etherium Wallet:

My Litecoin Wallet:


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