June 26 2019

Next Bitcoin Hype 🔥 – 10 Years of Regulators Preparations 🏦🐖💰

Why the next hype of Bitcoin are to be organized and prepared? What investors are prepared for, by the regulators? 💰

The thing is that after the World Financial Crises 2008 Central Banks Started the Quantity Easing program. 🔥 They simply started printing very cheap money with the very low Interest Rates. 🏦
By the way creating a new money costs nothing our days as it goes simply with pushing the button as we are all using the electronic dollars since long time ago. By the QE matter Central Banks or the people who has the influence on them are forcing funds to invest in the more risking Assets.🏦

Money is depreciated every year, or even with every minute. After all, in order to create new money, now they do not even need to print it, but simply press a button on the keyboard. After all, we have long been using electronic dollar on our accounts using the credit cards and the SWIFT transactions. We abandoned fiat money long time ago. 💰

All we need now is more secured electronic money! 🔥
And Bitcoin, as we can see, has seen the true inflation cost go up a million times in the last 10 years. 🏦 💰

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Posted 26.06.2019 by admin in category "Cryptocurrencies Trading