June 25 2021

RTX 3090 AORUS X 🔥⛏️ Mining RIG Cooling System ❄️

I am buying my video cards at https://www.computeruniverse.net/ ✅ Use the promotion code: FW9KIKQB in order to get 5 EUR discount on your first purchase 👍

https://www.binance.com/en?ref=10958697 ​ 💱 🛅 Trade Crypto at Binance with the 25% discount for the commission🔥

I installed the ‘VENTS’ company Channel Way Fan as well in order to get the fresh cold air from the outside. ✅ It has two speeds. The first speed is quite enough to do the job. However if it is too hot I can switch it to the second speed. The difference is like 20% efficiency. ✅ Important to use that ventilator to get the air in, not and opposite to fade the air to outside. ✅ Because the opposite way the fan can be damaged. ✅ I connect that fan to the drain pipe of 200 mm 6 meters long aside to the balcony. ✅ It’s working perfectly. Actually I must admit that that kind of the fresh air cooling system are changing the situation dramatically. ✅ Just check the hash rate. You can see that some cards are more hot some are less. ✅ However, without the cooling system it would be 5-10 degrees more hot. ✅ In General I’ve got 1.13 Gh/s that mines me around 0.035 ETH/day at the moment and it is approximately 120 USD a day. ✅ you can see the current temperature is from 36 to 41 degrees celsius ✅ However, Please note that you can see only video processor temperature. However, ETHereum are mined using the video memory that has much more dramatic temperature then you can see here. ✅ Because, video memory temperatures are not shown in hive OS or any other known Operating System.

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Posted 25.06.2021 by admin in category "Mining