May 11 2020

👉 Wall Street VS Real Economy GAP 🧐

Invest in Bitcoin – yes it is a venture – means risky
investment. But common! Who’s not Risking – not drinking
the champagne neither. 💱 🛅Trade Altcoins to Bitcoin at Binance with the 25% discount for the commission🔥
Expecting BTC halving would boom the crypto market in near future 💣

While big firms’ shares soar and they get help from the Fed, small businesses are struggling to get cash from Uncle Sam 💳

The aim of the crises is to make the economy of a big companies only destroying the small business 💀 Have NO DOUBT 2020 Event is Definitely a start of the Finance and Economic systems Revolution 🔥🔥🔥

It is quite clear that it will definitely happen if
20 millions of people has lost their jobs. 🔔 All this man
power just stopped producing and paying taxes provoking
a huge states Budget deficit and even more money printing
in order to cover it. And this in turn leads to inflation
again that will couse even more jobs and economic drop.
The ring closes 💍

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Posted 11.05.2020 by admin in category "Crypto World News", "Forex, CFD's, Shares Trading