January 6 2018

What is FOREX?

The Foreign Exchange market (also called Forex or FX market) was established in 1970, as the international monetary system progressively evolved from fixed to floating exchange rates.


Unlike other financial markets that operate in a centralized location (ie, [/ i] stock exchange), the Forex market has no central location.


Forex is a global electronic network of banks, financial institutions and individual traders engaged in the purchase and sale of national currencies. According to the latest estimates, over 100 million legal entities and individuals trade in this market.


Another main feature of the market is that Forex operates 24 hours a day, corresponding to the opening and closing of financial centers around the world, opening every day in Sydney, then in Tokyo, London and New York.


Foreign exchange trading is open to private and cooperative traders. Open a FOREX account today to enjoy trading opportunities, just like millions of others have already done.


In the Forex market, you do not pay any commissions and no exchange fees because you are dealing directly with the creator of the market in an exclusively electronic operational exchange.


UNIQUE price is reflected through the offer / demand, with a MINIMUM difference of only 2 points! More details about spreads here. More about spreads here.




The thing is that E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc has a number of advantages over other brokers:


Trading Platform MetaTrader4: All trading tools are provided FREE OF CHARGE; all graphics work in real time; AUTOMATICALLY configurable technical indicators; NEWEST trading systems and programming tools; the presence of additional orders like the end stops: AUTOMATIC profit taking, alarms, and much more. Click here for more specific information about MetaTrader4.


Dense Exchange Differences: E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc. sets MINIMUM spreads improving network trading results, especially for active traders. E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc. offers only EFFICIENT methods to provide the LOWEST spreads in the retail trade in the Forex market.


No Commissions, No Cash Fees: There are no commissions on your Forex trading, and the MetaTrader4 platform is offered completely FREE.


Guaranteed Feet:

The nature of the movement of prices in the market is often impossible to control. By placing a stop (stop), you will be able to limit your losses in advance. GUARANTEED stops are FREE.


Trade 24 Hours: Forex – open 24-hours a day, participants in the FX market will not miss any important event, and can trade at any time.


Flexibility: The ability to open long and short positions. Without restrictions on short selling (as in stocks for example), participants have the opportunity to take a position in any economic situation: during a period of rising stock market (bull market), a market with falling prices (bear market) or in lateral price movement. Also, traders can open positions in the same currency in the opposite direction with a shift in positions.


Hedging and Meditation: You can use FX in order to SPECULATE or simply GIVE your investments in foreign currency FROM LOSS.


Trade mini and micro lot: E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc. ALLOWS to trade in the FX market with mini-contracts that are part of one lot. For example, it is possible to trade 0.1 lot of EURUSD, allowing you to take the value of a position as low as? 10’000 using, at the same time, only? 25 in a security at the required margin level of 400/1 (with a leverage of 1: 400).


Deposit: The “leverage” on FX (up to 1: 400) is much higher compared to futures (1:15) or shares (1: 4), gives traders the opportunity to manage a LARGE amount of currency with a LITTLE margin, making trading HIGHLY FORGIVENESS, but also an extremely risky BUSINESS (Often traders try to find the “Golden Mean” between profit and risk).


Minimum account size: In order to open an FX account, you need a minimum of – 250. In addition, accounts can be replenished with a credit card.


* Please note: The increase in leverage affects both the increase in profits and the increase in losses for any open contract. Accordingly, the larger the leverage, the greater the profit and risk of loss.


Main advantages: E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc


First: The company is registered in London.


Second: The possibility of opening a cent account.


Thirdly: Leverage can be increased to 500 (1: 500).


Fourthly: Ability to replenish through the WebMoney system and many more ways to replenish the account.

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