January 9 2018

Why Ripple is Falling? Technical Analysis


Ripple is not the Cryptocurrency at all. Ripple is a simple electronic currency that a full centralized.

Ripple administration can block your Ripple wallet or freeze your Ripple account like they did already with Jed McCaleb by blocking his 10 million Ripples.  Every transaction you make every single step you do Ripple knows about. They can truck your IP and location they store your personal data. 

I would hold USA dollars rather buying Ripple. 

Ripple is a new world dollar.  It is a revenge to a FREE Crypto community, of the group of the people that doesn’t want to give up their financial power. ☠️

More then that, Ripple team can block your exchange account if you are holding at least one single ripple on it.

I would better stay away from Ripple, rather holding it for a long run. Personally I sold all my Ripples at 2.30 USD that made me 10-x and I am happy with it. I put a limit order to buy ripple at 8000 satoshi in order to sell it at 13000.

Ripple get at the  second position at the coin market cap as market doesn’t understood what the reality is . But little by little market will reject buying ripple as there is nothing in it except that it is centralized and this is his biggest BUG! 

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Posted 09.01.2018 by admin in category "Cryptocurrencies Trading