EtherFi Pendle Boost is a secret (part 2) 🚀🤔

Are you using pendle boost?

In the Previous video I promessed to disclose you a secret way of how to achive millions of points in ETHERFI.
If you haven’t seen my previous video so please do.
Let me catch up a bit. All you have to do is to stake your ETH in the ETHFI protocol and to receive eETH
But first let me remind you that is not a financial advice and before taking any actions you must do your own research!
After staking ETH you must receive eETH  that must be seen in your balance portfolio.

Please note that you have to Bridge your eETH or any other assets to Arbitrum blockchain
Please not that you have to have some ETHERIUM at the Arbitrum blockchain to pay for the transaction fees that is cost a couple of cents per transaction.
Once you have your assets on Arbitrum Go to DeFi tab or scroll down in your portfolio page and choose Pendle at the Arbitrum blockchain.
We can see the Pendel service of Yield Token eETH that are currently giving you more then a 1000x leverage in ETHERFI points and 500x in EigenLayer points
That means that each 1 staked ETHEREUM works the same way in terms of points as if staked 1000 ETHERIUM.
Next what you have to do is to SWAP any of your assets to YT eETH. I don’t have any eETH left so I’ll swap 1 ARB token for YT eETH as an example.

The swap is successfull It means  you are all set to farm EtherFi EgenLayer Pendle as well as to farm the Claimable Yeld & Rewards.
Please note that doing so is extremely risky because at the mature the YT eETH token will cost a zero
So with PENDLE you are basically burning your ETHEREUM in order to receive the points boost.

Anyone who stakes using this referral link will get 100 points per 0.1 ETH staked and so will you.

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