What is Singularity DAO AI tokens value? 🤔🚀

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Learn about Singularity Dao Decentralized Finance Hub that provides
AI-Powered Portfolio Management service for Optimized Yields

Such as:
Dynamical Asset Manager
Staking, Governance Yield Farming
and the Launchpad that we are going to talk about today

Singularity DAO Launchpad provides an  access to the revolutionary blockchain and Artificial Intelligence projects of the future. Curated projects launched every month on SingularityDAO’s launchpad.

sDao belongs to Hanson Robotics company, registered in Hong-Kong.  

 Means, that all projects that to be launched at sDAO – are partners of Singularity net and to be able to use their technology. Within the union of AGIX,  FET AI and Ocean protocol to be happen soon, that Launchpad tokens could be the subject of value. Means, that  new AI tokens launched at sDAO has a bright future!

To be a launchpad member all you need to do is to stake your sDAO tokens . For this first you need to swap your assets to sDAO token at the ETHEREUM blockchain.

Or to BUY sDAO first at the Kukoin exchange and withdraw them after to your MetaMask browser wallet.

Connect your MetaMask to Singularity DAO site, go to stake at the bottom of the site and actually stake the desired amount of sDAO tokens.

However before you do that please note that any Financial Operations are subject for the certain Financial Risk. Befor taking any action you must do your own research and never to listen me or taking any of my words as a financial advice

Ones your tokens are staked in a minimum rate of a 1000 sDAO you are able to reserve the upcoming AI protocol. This time the next is TWIN protocol.

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