SWELL L2 chain – Farm 6 AirDrops + in 1 😍

Earn the Bonus pearls for using the SWELL link below – https://app.swellnetwork.io/restake?ref=0x0c8ff1a94dddd4c9e989db3451e05661a29a03c8

Let me introduce you a SWELL protocol that has a promising banch of various AirDrops as well as a SWELL protocol AirDrop

SWELL is the Decentralized Finance Protocol. However recently they announced the development of it’s own ETHEREUM Layer 2 protocol and grant us the opportunity to become an early investors to SWELL L2 in exchange of the future multi AirDrops of the companies that would deploy their applications on SWELL network.

Before we start let me warn you that all what you will see in that video please don’t take it as a financial advice and before taking any actions you must do your own research!

To participate in SWELL AirDrop all you have to do is to stake your ETH in SWELL or ETHERFI as I did it in order to farm the ETHER.FI as well

and Next to Deposit your staked tokens to SWELL Layer 2 protocol
(Please note that stakers who will Deposit into SWELL L2 in the first 4 weeks will share 1 millionextra EigenLayer points),
Doing that you will farm a mullty AirDrops like SWELL, ETHERFI (In case you have staked your ETH in ETHER.FI first), EigenLayerand the SWELL L2 apps farmed as well. The first of them are Ambient, ION Protocol, BRAHMA and many other that will decide to build their apps at SWELL chain.

Let me remind you that all useful links you can find below that video in the pinned comment.

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