Get your FREE tokens at JumpStart 🎁

Quick review of the OKEX Exchange recent appreciation project of JUMPSTART
If you holding some Bitcoin and ETHEREUM at the the OKEX exchange or planning to do so then this video will serve you well.

Before we start please note that it is not a financial advice and before taking any actions you must do your own research! In order to participate in JUMPSTART to get the free tokens from OKEX you need to deposit you Bitcoin into BTC pool and/or your ETHEREUM into the ETH pool in order to start mining MSN token at the pool opening tomorrow at 6 am London time.

You can deposit the maximum amount of BTC up to 0.3 BTC and up to 3.5 ETH. Up to that number you can deposit any amount of crypto you want but the stake will actually measure your reward.

Basically if to fill the both pools to the top the reward approximately are around a 1000 dollars for the mining period that usually takes from 2 to 4 days. In case of MSN mining it’s 2 days.

Holding your crypto at OKEX you would be able to participate in two launchpad a month.
All the useful links you can find below that video.
Good luck!

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